Writing Prompt: Bathtime

I’ve always been a shower person. I have no time in the mornings for a long bath, so I’m in and out of the shower quickly, pressed for time to get out the door to start my day. Lately, I’ve started a new habit. 

When I get home, I have dinner and run a bath. I sacrifice an hour of TV to make a ritual of having a long soak to relax and melt away my troubles. I’ve invested in candles, bath salts, bath foam, body scrubs and cherry blossom scented cleansers. 

As I write this, it occurs to me that when writing, we quite often take the time to describe simple actions well, to give them more detail and weave significance into the things we do every day. Our habits are part of the things that define us and give insight into our characters. 

Think about something you do every day. Write about the process. Why do you do it, how do you do it, how does it make you feel and how could it be significant?

Alternatively, write a scene where someone is preparing a bath either for themselves or for someone else. describe who it is for, why they’re doing in in a particular way and describe in as much detail what is done. 

Don’t forget the bubbles…


Have fun. 🙂

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