Writing Prompt: The Great Outdoors

It’s Friday, the sun is out and people around me seem restless. It’s as though I walked into the office today and I’m back in the 5th Grade. We’re all at our desks, only half paying attendtion to what we’re doing and glancing out the window, waiting for the lunchtime bell to ring so that we can go out and play.

These days, many of us spend so much time indoors, we forget what joys await when we step out into the fresh air.

Today, write a scene that takes place in either a park or a playground. Be sure to include as much detail about the setting as possible. Is there a swingset? If so, who’s on it? If it’s a park, does it have a duck pond? Flash out the location and give your charater/s something to do that makes good use of their surroundings.

If you need inspiration, grab your notebook/laptop/tablet and go to the nearest park for a while before you write.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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