Writing Prompt: The Dark Ages or…before the Internet

I’ve tried to avoid my mobile, laptop, ipad and Mac all weekend. I found it surprisingly therapeutic. I actually spend the bulk of the weekend in the kitchen learning to make all manner of things such as scones, pumpkin soup and a dish involving filo pastry and pesto.

It got me thinking. I work in technology, specifically, mobile advertising. It’s interesting to think that my field didn’t even exist a few years ago. (first handset circa 1973, first text circa 1994).

We’ve become so used to technology, the internet, mobiles, etc for daily life and communication, I wonder what will happen to the written word? Do people still write letters? Will it make us lazy? My nephew told me recently that they’re no longer taught cursive hand writing in school. I found this disturbing not because you couldn’t write a good letter on your computer, but that it might mean that the same care and attention to writing might disappear. With word processors, spell check, save function, etc, do we still need to give the same care and attention to spelling, thoughtful letter writing on actual paper?

I’d like this prompt to go a couple of ways:


1. Hand write a letter to someone. Take your time, use cursive, put it in the post and gauge the reaction.

2. Write a short narrative where all phones, laptops, the internet, etc have suddenly been rendered useless. How do people react? What do they do to reach their loved ones? Why not make it a scene where all comms are dead and focus on a single character caught in the middle of a catastrophe. Make it a major city. throw in a war or some zombies or a natural disaster.

Have fun.


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