Writing Prompt: The Balloon

I saw a balloon float past the windscreen as I rode in a car with a friend and her two children. We all looked up and at the same moment pointed to the sky. The was bright pink with a silver ribbon attached to it, glistening as it flipped and twirled in the wind. Higher and higher it flew until it disappeared into the trees and out of sight.

There is something special in a balloon. How is it that a simple piece of floating colour, held up by a bit of helium can provide so much pleasure? Even now, as a “grown up” I love balloons and still grin and giggle at the thought of receiving some for a birthday or in the park as I stroll.

I once worked in a balloon shop and countless hours were spent sculpting and shaping them into arches, canopies and odd little shapes. At one time, I was able to hide a small gift in a miniature balloon, which was placed into another larger one, which had to be popped in order to retrieve the gift. Unbeknownst to my employer, an unmeasurable amount of helium made it’s way from value to balloon, only to be rapidly inhaled by my childish lungs in an effort to imitate Mickey Mouse. Ah, those were the days.

Balloons are still to this day, a source of art and wonder and film makers, animators and street artists are still inspired by these simple latex toys.

Here are some examples:




So – your assignment for today. Write a story with a Balloon as the main centre piece. You get to choose the colour. 🙂


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