Writing Prompt: The Fairytale

I’ve grown up reading fantasy books and films. I love the idea of secret worlds where anything is possible. I’ve never tried to write a fantasy story or fairytale. U tend to stick to fiction base on real people and situations. However, of late, I’d rather get lost in a made up world with strange creatures with their own language in a world with it’s own rules. One of my favourite writers is Neil Gaiman, mainly because he has a way of mixing reality with fantasy. Neverwhere, Stardust, American Gods are amongst my favourites. If you go further back, Grimm’s fairy Tales brought us Snow White, Cinderella, The Fisherman and his Wife, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Cap). 

it’s hard to know where to begin, but I’d certainly like to try. The trick, the really challenging bit is creating something new and foreign and fantastic whilst making it believable. You need to make the reader believe it’s real, that the world is plausible and that your characters are worth investing time in. 

So…here goes. Try to write a short fairy tale. Pick your world. Give it colour and life. Next, choose your protagonist. What it their challenge and how will they overcome it? What are the limitations of your world? Here are some ideas:

1. A world where all animals speak

2. A story about a collection of of thousands of islands make up the world and the waters are infested with sea monsters. 

3. A family is cursed by an evil spell cast by an opposing family and a single member must try to break it. 


Have fun. Let your imagination go wild. 🙂


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