Writing Prompt: The Funeral

There has been a lot of death in the news. I know there is death all over the world every day, but lately, I find myself thinking of it more than usual.

Today I read an article about 10 people who contributed to science and technology who died this year. I began to ponder what people would say about my contribution to the world. Would it be newsworthy, I wonder…

I also think about what I would hear if I were to listen in on my own funeral. I’m sure there will be some comments regarding my timekeeping, as I suspect my funeral will be the only even I have an outside chance of being on time for.

Joking aside, I think it would be interesting to write your own epitaph (since most people are unlikely to know for certain what others will say about them in advance). Try this: Write an epitaph from the point of view of three key people in your life. What do you think they would actually say about you.

Next, flip it. Write one for them. It’s a bit of a sombre prompt, but useful for introspection. The alternative is for you to write a scene where an unknown person arrives at a funeral and asks to speak. Give them something shocking to say about the deceased and write out the reactions of the mourners from the 3rd person POV.

Enjoy. (?)…

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