Writing Prompt: Odd hobbies

I’ve taken up archery.

It’s something I had always wanted to try and after a few short searches on Google, I found a place in North London that offered courses. So, I paid my fee and turned up. I stood there, awkward with a bow in my hand and having gone the preliminary safety briefing, I began to shoot. Only a few meters away at first, starting at ten, then over the coming weeks moved towards hitting the target at twenty meters. In that time, something more important than my aim improved.  I began to stand differently, when I stood with my feet level, my shoulders back and my arm extended, drawing back the arrow, I felt calm and the concentration usually held in reserve for post-work-post-mortems was redirected along the shaft of the arrow in my left hand.

It had never occurred to me that apart from looking cool, archery was giving me something to concentrate on, something on which to develop discipline. For instance, to come close to your target, you must have the proper stance. Next, the weight of the bow should be manageable, but still be heavy enough to drive the arrow home. When you draw the arrow back, you must lower your chin so that the string is nestled against your nose and your drawing hand is positioned against your chin. When you release, eyes on the target, you must draw, then glide your hand along your cheek so that it rests at last just beneath your ear. All this must be done while keeping your body perfectly aligned with the target, waist un-twisted, back straight, shoulder strong and seeking the centre of your back.

Each little movement, position and piece of equipment makes the difference between missing the mark and striking home.

For this writing prompt, describe a hobby.  Go into a much detail as possible with regards to what it is, why you do it and how you feel before, during and after. Try to focus on the detail.

Have fun!


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