Writing Promot: Cupid

This is about song lyrics. "Cupid" by Sam Cooke is being played in the background.I was thinking about the song lyrics and they're really quite sweet:Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrow go Straight to my lover's heart for me, for me Cupid please hear my cry and let your arrow fly Straight... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Dream Diary

My dream last night was a mix of terror, water, people and unlikely scenarios, as most dreams are. One minute I find my little cat hanging from a cord, still alive while I talk to it in some demonic voice (the horror bit), the next I'm visiting the office where I had my first agency... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Symbols (and meanings)

I was glancing around the office today looking around for inspiration and I noticed a few things.  There are a lot of symbols kicking around. One of the girls in the office wore a garnet-encrusted cross around her neck. One of the guys has a tattoo with some tribal symbols, though I'm not sure from... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Ice Cream Days

As writers, we have to listen to and observe human behaviour. I've spent hours sitting in cafes watching the world go by, I've tried new things for the experience and listen carefully to how people express themselves. They say that you should write what you know. I'm not saying you need to kill someone to... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Fear

Is all fear negative?I've been wondering about this a lot lately. Someone dear to me is in the hospital. It was sudden and we don't the know outcome, but upon hearing the news, the first thing I felt was fear. It was as though someone had dropped an ice cube into my heart. I stood... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Choose your weapon

I was recently reading a novel where there were a lot of references to different weapons and their uses. In some instances, the description of what the character was doing with these gun didn't ring true. I have no experience in this matter, but it made me realise that if I wanted to believe in... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: A Thousand Words

They say a picture tells a thousand words. What about several pictures all mashed up together? For today, write a short narrative incorporating elements of all of the images below. What's nice about this exercise is that each image is opened to interpretation and its significance to the overall writing is entirely up to you.... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Boy’s Night Out

One evening a while back, all of the men in the office went out for a surprise "stag-do" for one of our colleagues. When I next saw most of them, they were in varying degrees of disrepair. Swiss-cheese memory, dishevelled hair and clothing and the still-lingering scent of alcohol applied to nearly all. Although I'm... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Creating Conflict part 2

I dislike conflict. Often, I find myself obsessing over arguments that have taken place trying to work out resolutions or how to avoid them all together. Lately, it seems like my role in life is as a referee, between friends, family colleagues and even on occasion, strangers. As soon as I can feel a shift... Continue Reading →

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