Writing Prompt: Boy’s Night Out

One evening a while back, all of the men in the office went out for a surprise “stag-do” for one of our colleagues. When I next saw most of them, they were in varying degrees of disrepair. Swiss-cheese memory, dishevelled hair and clothing and the still-lingering scent of alcohol applied to nearly all. Although I’m sure many many photos were taken throughout the course of the evening, I caught a glimpse of only a few. What I saw alarmed me (stripper, corpulent). It did, however, make me wonder what men get up to during these evenings and furthermore, how is the work related nature of their evening out affect the outcome of the evening? How do perceptions change, if at all?

Also, how do these evenings differ from what women get up to when they’re out, on mass, with the female colleagues?

When you consider time, event, relationships and potential outcomes, there is an opportunity to have a bit of creative fun in a narrative covering these factors.

So, write a scene whereby you have the following:

  • surprise party for a colleague
  • the morning after
  • a cameraphone
  • the Boss
  • a stripper
  • the London Underground
  • the girls in the office

Keep it funny, keep it light.

Have fun…


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