Writing Prompt: Choose your weapon

I was recently reading a novel where there were a lot of references to different weapons and their uses. In some instances, the description of what the character was doing with these gun didn’t ring true. I have no experience in this matter, but it made me realise that if I wanted to believe in the story I was reading there needed to be a bit more time invested in making the props feel authentic. This is where good research comes in. It might have been a single scene in an otherwise large, complex story, but as they say, “the devil is in the detail”.

Therefore, before I ever write about how to use a gun or a bow or any other object that is not used on a day to day basis by the general population, I will trouble myself to do enough research to know what I’m talking about. This will not only make the writing feel more plausible, it will convince readers that might actually have specific knowledge in whatever it is I am writing about as a non-expert.

So, for this prompt, describe a scene that uses a particular weapon, tank, knife, whatever. However, make specific references to description, history and potential use. Do your homework, then write. Now insert this object into your story and make use of your new found knowledge.  As a rule, you should take the time to investigate the details of anything you use as a prop to make your stories believable, but as I was reading about scary weapons, I thought I’d use them as an example here.

Have fun.

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