Writing Prompt: Dream Diary

My dream last night was a mix of terror, water, people and unlikely scenarios, as most dreams are.

One minute I find my little cat hanging from a cord, still alive while I talk to it in some demonic voice (the horror bit), the next I’m visiting the office where I had my first agency job talking to my old colleagues. The final scene involved me opening a door that had downward steps that lead to a series of indoor heated swimming pools where my current colleagues were swimming and talking as though they were in a pool party. Freud, have fun with that one.

Still, it was interesting just how much I remembered from last night’s eclectic collection of images. I looked at some of my colleagues differently this morning, then shook away the images and reminded myself that none of it was real. For instance, I would never wear a leopard print swimming costume…

Some of what remained in my memory can, however, be useful when constructing a story.

Here are a few of the themes I can pick from:

1. A story about a child that tortures animals

2. Demonic possession

3. A story about a swimming pool

4. A company party.

Try this, write down the next dream you have. Pick a series of images or threads of the dream that you can piece together and write down a series of words. From those words, create a short narrative that included all of the words on your list.

Sweet dreams.


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