Writing Prompt: The Midnight Hour

It’s 1.50am and I’m still in the office. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to do it. My team is working on a project due in a matter of hours and we’re pulling together to get it done. There’s a 10 minute lull before I get thrown into the fore again, so here I am, machine latte in hand, Beta Band on Spotify and my colleagues in the background. In a strange way, being stuck here in the middle of the night is nice. There’s something comforting in the bonding experience that is sleep deprivation. It’s funny, when I’m out on the town with my pals at the weekend, 2am doesn’t seem like a big deal. When it’s the 2nd night of no sleep at the office, it’s harder.

Write a narrative where your main character is sleep deprived. It can be for any number of reasons, child care, noisy neighbours, the Zombie Apocalypse, drug abuse, working late…

Throw in one additional character after you’ve set the scene. How does the inclusion of another person change the story?

Nighty night.




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