Writing Prompt: The Dating Game

In the space of five minutes, I found out that one colleague had two “Tinder” dates lined up back to back and that another colleague was unceremoniously dumped at the weekend by a guy she met on an online dating site a few weeks ago. The first referred to his evening tonight as a “dress rehearsal” for the “better” date he has tomorrow night. The other is “re-bounding” on a diet of intellectual group activities to take her mind off things.

These two exchanges made me realise how much things have changed over the years in some ways and how things have stayed the same in others. For instance, getting to accept or reject someone purely by their appearance before you every say a word to them or even have any information on them like say, common interests of background, means you can embrace your more shallow self guilt-free. What doesn’t change and never will, is the anxiety of the first date. People still have to go through the pain of recanting their life stories and wading through hundreds of topics to get to those precious “me too’s”  in the conversation that may or may not lead to long term romance. The question of where to go and what to do, what to wear and how often to mention your ex is still there, like a minefield you’re trying to navigate to get you through to the next date. Of course, there is also the, “Oh God, this person is psycho” possibility every time you have that awkward first conversation.

So, for today’s prompt, write about dating. It can be a narrative of a date that lives in memory or you can have some fun and create a story about a comical first date. Have fun. If you go for the ladder, go for outrageous.


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