Writing Prompt: The Underground

The first inspiration for this prompt came from sitting on a bench waiting for the Uxbridge train on the Piccadilly Line. While I waited, I watched people shuffling along the platform. Some were polite and people off the train before trying to board, others shoved their way along the platform, paying little mind to the others around them.

I’ve noticed that if you want to understand the true nature of human beings, you just need to watch them at rush our on the London Underground.

Try writing about one of the following scenarios:

1. Have 5 people stuck on the tune in a hot summer’s day. They’re stuck between stations with the doors closed. The windows and the doors between the trains can open.

2. Blackout

3. Imagine the scene above, but give it a twist. Have them get to a train station just in time to have missed the start of the zombie apocalypse.

Have fun.


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