Writing Prompt: The Witching Hour

In keeping with our spooky Halloween theme, I've been thinking of different horror films and stories I seen/read throughout the years. There is really a long list of things that can frighten us and exploring fear can be interesting. I'm not particularly afraid of many things, my fears are generally rational, but there have been... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Under the Bed

In the spirit of Halloween, I've decided to spend the next few days writing prompts around the subject of fear/monsters/ghosties, and the like. For this one, try to remember what it was like when you were a child. There is that fear that most of us have wen we're small, that something is under the... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Laid up

I haven't been ill in nearly a year. I also haven't written with any sort of consistency in nearly that time. So, here I am, stuck on the sofa with my laptop and at last, I feel like writing. Sometimes it takes a tummy bug and losing half a stone in five days to make... Continue Reading →

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