Writing Prompt: The Office

For those of us who work in office, we generally speak to all types of people every day.  From where I sit, at my desk, lovingly positioned at the centre of an open planned office, I see and hear all sorts of thing. Monday mornings I hear the chatter of people sharing their weekend adventures. When the beer cabinet is opened at 4pm on a Friday, people shuffle from their desks, grab a drink and shuffle back to their work, social interaction, the purpose of Friday drinks, ignored.

On those in-between days, I see life and work interweave across the office floor. Friendships forged, semi-private arguments through the fish-bowl glass walled offices, political allegiances made. There is something interesting about every single person I see from my perch.

If I were to pick any one of them, I would not struggle to write a story about them, even if I don’t know them very well. The personality traits are there for all to see and it is not difficult to imagine how people you live with day-in-day-out would react if you dropped them into a random scenario.

So, let’s do that….

For today’s first prompt of 2015, write a scene. Make it totally unrelated to work. Drop in 3 people you work with and change their names. Now have them behave as you believe they would based on what the real people would do.

I’ll get you started with some possible scenes:

1. People locked in a health centre during the zombie apocalypse

2. Three people at a busy shop at Christmas all wanting the same item (it’s the last one).

3. Three people witnessing a fist-fight in a restaurant. (none are directly involved).


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