Writing Prompt: Hard Truths

Sometimes it’s hard to accept a piece of information you know to be true, but unpleasant. It can be something about yourself, others, a situation or society.

We, as human beings have to process information and different points of view to come to what we consider the truth.

Once we’ve decided that that means to us, we need to work out what to do, if anything, about that information.

So, for today’s prompt, there’s a load you can cover:

1. Write about someone learning of a betrayal.

2. Write about someone who overhears something unpleasant people are saying about him or her (but it’s true).

3. Write about someone discovering they’re in love with someone unsuitable.

4. Write about someone discovering someone they love is a drug addict.

These are just to get you started, but the main focus should be on a scene where someone has to discover and acknowledge an uncomfortable truth and act on it.

Good luck!

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