Writing Prompt: All the time in the world

What if you had all the time in the world to do whatever you want? What would it be? This is going to be a short exercise. Start by making a list of everything you ever wanted to do. Pick one. Next, write a short narrative about it. What is it, what does it involved, what is your perception of what it means and the type of person who does it?

To give you an example:


Making homemade pasta

Feeding the homeless

Running a marathon

Adopting a kitten


For instance, I pick feeding the hungry.

What type of person does this? Do they work for a charity or does a suburban housewife suddenly decide to bring a homeless person home and look after them? Is it a child that gives up their lunch money to help someone and how does that affect them both?

Write a story using the framework above. Let’s see what comes out.

Better still write it up to 4,000 words and try entering a short story competition.

Good luck!

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