Writing Prompt: Letter Writing

They say that hand written letters are a dying breed. I’m trying to see the practice alive by writing to my friends and family oversees. i’m going to try to avoid email from now on if there is nothing urgent going on. There’s something special about sending and receiving an actual letter.

One of my weaknesses is stationary. I love new clean sheets of decorative paper, especially when coupled with a fountain pen. I have a Waterman pen and an old fashioned ink well that was a gift. So, last night I wrote to a friend back in the US, my parents and my brother. I know that I’m delighted when I get something hand written in the post, so I hope they’ll enjoy it too.

There is one unique thing about letter writing. You can’t delete. You can only cross out and write. I think that makes me more careful both in the content and my penmanship.

It also forces you to employ a bit of brevity if you have a finite amount of space to write in. For this exercise, sit down and write a hand written letter to someone special. It doesn’t have to be profound, you can simply say hi and give them a few updates on your life. Ask how they’re doing or something similar.

It’s a nice way to practice writing and let someone know you’re thinking about them at the same time.


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