Writing Prompt: The Break Up

We have all parted company with people throughout our lives. It might be friends we no longer speak to, family we fall out wth, partners we split with or colleagues we no longer speak to. People come in and out of you life all the time. Sometimes it’s amicable, sometimes not. In some cases, we just drift apart and we don’t ever realise our communication is over until we stop and think about the people that we no longer see day to day.

For this exercise, think about some of the people that have come in and out of your life. Write about parting ways. If possible, write about falling out with someone. How did it happen? Why? If you could go back and change the outcome, would you? It might reveal some interesting insights into the nature of conflict, open up dialogue possibilities or help you recreate scenes. Have a go and try to be honest, it might be difficult, but sometime the most worthwhile writing is. Good luck.

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