Writing Prompt: Flawed

The thing that makes a story interesting is when the characters throughout have depth to them. The hero cannot be too perfect or they lack credibility. They must possess a flaw that makes them human and makes their journey interesting and challenging, otherwise, there is no story, or at least, not one we’d care about.

Try drafting an outline for a hero to your story. Describe everything about their character flaws. What is it about them at may prevent them for succeeding in their quest or adventure? Why should we care about them? Are they a good person cast into a bad situation? Are they comfortable with their lives and now have to face a difficult decision that they may not be equipped for? Are they judgemental? Cowardly? Think of Hamet. His great flaw was his indecision and lack of action until it was too late.

Write a short summary of the challenge your main character faces. What is it about him that will prevent him or her from coming forward in the story?

Have fun.

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