Writing Prompt: Your Opening Line

Grabbing your reader is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do it writing. How do you get someone to stick with your narrative? Having a brilliant story is great, but if you don’t get your reader’s attention, you’ll lose them and they’ll never get to the end.

So, having a strong opening line is critical to inspiring your reader to plow ahead with your story. Try this, have some fun writing compelling opening lines and see what story springs from them. Here are a few of my attempts.

  1. The phone rang just after midnight.
  2. He stood at the end of the road waiting to cross when he spotted her.
  3. As she stood at the hearth tending to the fire, the chain around her neck fell into the flames.
  4. The evening bloated with wine and high spirits started well enough but soon to an ugly turn.
  5. Effy sat on the window sill every afternoon, staring through the glass, watching the world go by and waiting for her human to come home.


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