Writing Prompt: YA Fiction

I’m currently doing a course that focuses on Young Adult fiction and one of the interesting exercises we’re doing is going through a listing the most influential books we read when we were growing up. For my part, Judy Blume played a big part in my reading enjoyment as a young adult and the themes are still relevant today. (Loss, religion, friendship, bullying, conformity, siding rivalry, etc).

For this exercise, think about the types of books you read growing up. What is it you liked about them? What were some of the common themes? Are they still relevant?

Next, try writing a short outline for a story based on a teenage experience. Write it in the 1st person and from the point of view of your younger self. Next, read it back, what would you stay to your younger self based on the experiences you’ve had as an adult? Have fun strolling down memory lane.


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