Writing Prompt: Failure

Have you ever failed any anything? We sometimes forget that with failure comes unique opportunities to learn and observe our reactions (or the reactions of others). It can be a job interview, a failed relationship, a bad date, a wardrobe malfunction, a failed exam, a botched driving test or a missed opportunity. Think about times... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Texture

Beige, brown, shades of creamy white, magnolia and dark wood. These were the colours I chose for my first house. They were safe colours, practical and inoffensive. They go with everything, I said. I was around 29 years old when I bought my first house. It was a new build in a housing estate outside... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Bookcase

I'm getting ready to rip up my house and add an extension. I've been in denial about how disruptive this is going to be to my life for three-four months and I've buried my head in the sand with regards to how much this is going to cost, but the builders are engaged, the movers... Continue Reading →

The Playing Field – A Short Story

The field stretched out four acres behind the schoolhouse. Two long rows of evergreens spanned from one end of the field to the other, creating a sense of protective separation from the school grounds and the outside world. It had been snowing incessantly for three days so that the grounds were white. The tree branches,... Continue Reading →

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