Writing Prompt: Simple Pleasures

Sometimes we think we need to do something grand or noteworthy with our day or else we’ll be judged as frivolous or we’ll feel guilty ourselves. I know in times past, I’ve wanted to watch a cheesy film, take a nap or just spend hours playing a game on my iPad or just browse the online shops, even if I don’t need anything or intend to buy. I’ve spent days doing this and ended up feeling guilty, as though I need to spend every hour of every day doing something useful. I’ve recently come to realise that this is not so.

It’s ok to do nothing. It’s ok to spend the day yielding to my personal desires and whims. It’s ok because these useless things are not useless. They make me happy, they relax me and I learn about myself and all sorts of things by watching a film, online shopping or browsing or just plain snoozing on the sofa. I’m calmer, I’m rested and I’m better able to deal with the intense stuff when I have energy reserves gained by doing the “lazy” stuff in my enthusiasm tank.

Sometimes, the thing that makes me happiest is just sitting at the top of the stairs petting my cat. We sit together and I either pick him up and cuddle him in my arms or he rolls around on the floor of the landing begging me to rub his belly and stroke his bushy tail. I’ve spent ages doing this, paying no attention to tasks that need completing or the time flying by. When I finally pick myself up, I notice that I’m calmer and my cat is purring away, ready to follow me down the stairs. It’s the easiest thing I can possibly spend my time doing and one of my favourites. It make me and my cat happy and I’ve never stood up and reprimanded myself for wasting time in this activity. When we’re done playing on the stairs, my cat follows me all over the house and at night he cries at my bedroom door if I close it behind me. I usually hold out for about three minutes before I cave in and open the door. He springs onto the bed and nestles into the duvet at my feet. It’s silly, but I feel like through simple petting, the odd cat treat and some soothing chatter (yes, I talk to my cat), I’ve earned his affection.

So, I’ve rambled a bit, but the point is that it’s good to reflect on the simple things. They’re probably more important than you think.

If you fancy a bit of writing, describe some of the so called trivial things you do and see if they aren’t more meaningful than you give them credit for. In short, what simple things make you happy?

Happy writing.

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