Writing: 10 things

My brother sent me an amusing gift recently. It looks like a road sign, but on it, there’s a silhouette of a record on a turntable and four zombies surrounding it. The sign reads, “In case of Zombie Apocalypse, Please save my records”. It got me to thinking, if there were only 10 things I was able to take away with me if the house was about to burn down or I had to flee because of some other disaster, what would I take?

1. My cats (obviously)

2. A cuddly toy ferret named Fred that my friends sent me when I first moved to the UK, 21 years ago.

3. A few small pieces of jewellery my mother gave me.

4. Pictures of loved ones I have framed and scattered around the house

5. My record collection

6. The outfit I was wearing the day I met my husband

7. The dress I wore to my university graduation

8. The piano he also gave me for Christmas one year.

That’s about it. I can’t honestly fill ten spots. I’m taking it as read that if I can replace something digitally, like my photos I’ve already put on the cloud or books, they’re not on the list.

As I look around the house, there are a load of things I would want to hang onto either for practical or sentimental reasons, but few things I need. A lot of people I know are using the new year as an excuse to de-clutter, but I’m never quite sure how serious they are or how much of a wholehearted effort goes into it.

If you fancy writing, write about either the 10 things you would take with you, or write about something you hang onto for purely sentimental reason. What is it, where did you get it, what significance does it have for you?

Happy writing.

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