Be honest…but kind

WordPress allows you to set the time and date of posts. I could back date anything I write. It was tempting to put something together this morning and set it to yesterday so that I wouldn’t have a gap, but that would be cheating. 😉 Kidding, I wasn’t tempted, but I was disappointed with myself for not writing yesterday.

I remember what I say a lot of the times I feel inadequate, just show up.

Here I am, showing up and trying to work out what to write about, which is what I think about most days. One of the things I’m studying is how to craft creative non-fiction. There are stories I want to tell about my family, some still living, some long gone. It’s not just my family, though, it’s also my mother’s family. Do I therefore have the right to discuss my thoughts on my family based on the stories my mother told me? I feel like it’s something I need to ask permission for. I have a lot of my own stories, but there’s something compelling about what my mother went through growing up and the family dynamics in her immediate family, mother, brothers, sisters, father, grandmother, were fascinating and a bit scary. There’s a lot of drama there and I know I could do it justice and treat it with sensitivity, but I’d still be afraid of my mother’s reaction. So, what happens when if she says no? Better ask sooner rather than later.

I could write about my first time in the UK, how I met my husband within a week of arrival, got engaged within 2 months, the fact that we both had other partners at the time, our wedding after six months of meeting, our two years in San Francisco and the reactions of our friends and families. We got married on April Fool’s Day too, which made some people think we were kidding. That’s not a bad idea. I think I found my plan B.

Try writing a family history from a first person POV. Just a scene to begin with and see where it takes you. Be honest, but kind.

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