100 days of writing – day 4

It’s a strange thing to be back in some diet-coke version of society after over a year with hardly any contact with others at all. I’m in an airbnb trying to be comfortable. There’s little for me to say at the moment. I’m just processing. Tomorrow is another day. Sorry for the light word count,... Continue Reading →

100 Days of writing – Day 3

When you can’t sleep, your mind jumps around to random things that suddenly seem important. What was that film that Meg Ryan was in with Russell Crowe and wasn’t she married to Dennis Quaid and what was that film that the both did together about the poisoned writer? D.O.A.? Wasn’t he a writing professor? What... Continue Reading →

100 days of writing – Day 2

The day has been mainly a wash out. Tiredness has set in after chemo and I’ll I’m good for is game shows and napping. On days like this, when I think back to what the day held, I find it hard to remember what I did. Breakfast, French Toast with bacon and strawberries. Ok, so... Continue Reading →

100 days of writing – Day 1

My writing group has suggested that we write for 100 days. We don’t have to share, but the act of agreeing to do this makes us somewhat accountable. I’m hoping my fear of failure will keep me on top of this. We haven’t set ourselves a target for each day, but the idea is that... Continue Reading →


It has been a while since I’ve been here, but I promise, I have been writing. I study, I read and I write when I can. Most importantly, I’m creating new things. I never wanted kids. Let’s get that out of the way. Never in my life did I picture myself as a Mom, bouncing... Continue Reading →

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