100 days of writing – Day 2

The day has been mainly a wash out. Tiredness has set in after chemo and I’ll I’m good for is game shows and napping. On days like this, when I think back to what the day held, I find it hard to remember what I did.

Breakfast, French Toast with bacon and strawberries. Ok, so I cooked something. That’s a small sort of accomplishment. Finished a book, “The List”. Crime thriller, not bad, not great. Forgettable after to work out what the plot twist is. Lunch, left over Nando’s. Delivered on Tuesday. Leftovers consisted of rice, mashed potatoes, a slice of Halloumi and some olives.

The evening was game shows and re-runs of a transformation show. Take a middle aged woman with self esteem issues and transform her with non-surgical procedures, make up, a new hair style and a go awful wardrobe that makes her look like mutton. Five episodes of that and my brain is guacamole.

Evening, watched a horror film remotely with a dear friend. I’ve been educating her on horror films for years. She no longer the “hide-behind-the-sofa-scary-cat I once knew. She can take the jump scares and laugh at the campness of the better classic films. Tonight it was Neil Marshall’s, “Dog Soldiers”. A great werewolf film.

A few minutes of the end of football, a load of prescription drugs to help me sleep and fingers crossed, I’ll have a better night than the once before Good Night and wish me luck.

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