100 Days of writing – Day 3

When you can’t sleep, your mind jumps around to random things that suddenly seem important. What was that film that Meg Ryan was in with Russell Crowe and wasn’t she married to Dennis Quaid and what was that film that the both did together about the poisoned writer? D.O.A.? Wasn’t he a writing professor? What the Hell was so great about the murdered student’s novel and will I ever write anything that good? Need to pack for a trip, should I take my embroidery hoop, no, I’ll be with my friend and that would be rude since I only embroider when I’m watching TV and if we’re watching TV it’ll be a horror film and we’ll both be paying attention. Should I pack breakfast stuff for our trip or should we brunch each day? Swimming suit or no? It’s going to rain and I can’t work out which coat to wear and still be stylish without it looking like I’m dressed for winter. All of my good coats are wool and it’s technically summer, but summer in Britain is a craps shoot. Trainers or boots? Should we try to go punting or will we just capsize? Knowing is, its a recipe for disaster. I wonder if Dad got his late Father’s Day present? My brother got his Birthday present two weeks early, but he loves it, so that’s what counts. Coasters with rude words depicting related birds. For instance, “Peckers” with pictures of all varieties of wood peckers. Cocks, Boobies, etc. You get the picture. We always include rude presents to each other. My favourite is a stone coaster with the words. “There are two sides to every story, and you’re a little cunt in both of them”. That’s my bro.

The cat hasn’t left my side all night. When it tossed and turned, so did she, but she was asleep while she was doing it. Ir was as though she knew she had to roll over to avoid getting crushed. Cats have great survival instincts, even in their sleep. She’s beautiful, docile and sweet. Skittish, but sweet when she wants to be.

There’s a box of bright pinkish purple hair dye on my shelf. Am I too old to go for crazy colour, or am I just the right age to not care what people think? I’m tempted to streak my hair for the weekend, just for fun. It’s semi-permanent anyway. Might throw caution to the wind and go for it.

I have agreed to go for lunch in London with an old work friend. We were never close, but he was a nice person and he seems keen to get me out to meet him. Before you say anything, he’s gay. No ulterior motives there. I’ve agreed and we have a table at one of my favourite restaurants and i can get there either by car or by tube on the Met line (airy and above ground for most of the way), and I’m double vaccinated, but there is still that lingering fear that I’m taking a risk. However, its a smaller risk that before. I’ll probably go, but I might drive in to be safer.

The case numbers appear to be going up in the UK and there are still too many countries on the red list for me to think that I’ll be able to go abroad this year. It’s not even a question of going somewhere’s we’re afraid of, it’s also a question of where we will be allowed in. I want to go see my parents in California, but the US might be funny about that. I can go as a US citizen, but how I’ll be greeted coming back might be something else. Also, they might not let hubby in and I’m not going without him.

I’ve rambled for long enough, but I’m wide awake now and ready to start the day. Wish me luck for sleep tonight.

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  1. Hi eliza so to answer your 2 questions on films.
    1. The first answer with meg ryan and russell crowe was the 2000 film proof of life
    2.the second answer with dennis quaid and meg ryan was indeed the 1988 film D.O.A.
    Hope that helps
    From your film nerd friend

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