100 days of writing – Day 5

As you can see, I’ve failed to blog every day. I missed about a week. I’m not offering any excuses, though I have a few. what I will say is that although I didn’t post anything here for a few days, I have been writing. Journals, Diary notes and scribbles on scraps of paper.

I met with my writing group for the first time (face to face) and it was great to talk to so many talents people. I felt inspired and a bit guilty for not putting much of an affront in this past few months. Yes, I have been ill, but my heart is not always where it should be. DO I really need to play games on my phone and watch trashy series on Netflix? No. I have a limited time on this earth, and I don’t want to think that I could have done better with it.

In my defence, I have been reading. I just finished, “Normal People” by Sally Rooney and I found it profound and touching. There was much I could relate to regarding social isolation and insecurity. The relationships throughout the book were toxic, however. I don’t believe relationships are all easy or straight forward, but there seemed to be an over abundance of dysfunctional and downright horrible people in this novel. Just the same, I recommend it. I suspect it will end up as a gift for my niece at Uni. Perhaps she’ll see some of the relationships in this story as cautionary.

I’ve never though about how easy it would be to crank out 80,000 words of writing in a year if one were inclined to do so, if one had something to say. That’s what? Six months if you write 500 words a day? How hard is that? Worth a try, no?

I’ll start with jotting down the severely messed up and worthy of a horror film dream I had the other day. I bit of sci-fi, a bit of horror survivalist. Let’s start there and see what comes of it.

I read the “Midnight Library” recently. It made me think of the infinite number of lives I could have had. As I’m quite happy with the one I have at the moment, there is no use dwelling on it, but there is something there as well. I’m not making sense. Ok, I like to contemplate what would have happened if I would have pursued any one of the numerous career paths i could have taken based on what I was interested in as I was growing up. Here is a list of careers I considered growing up and into adulthood:

1. Veterinarian

2. Lawyer

3. Journalist

4. Pilot

5. Fashion Designer

6. Model (until I realised I was too short and too smart) – stereotyping, I know, I know…

7. Novelist

8. Web Designer (I’m not visually creative enough)

9. Software designer (Bad a maths)

All things considered, I think I’ve done ok. I’m still writing, though I haven’t written seriously in years. I’ve worked in Media Advertising for the past 20 years and saw the evolution of the digital element of the industry. I was practically a pioneer. Imagine what I could have done if I had been more ambitious and a little more savvy.

Just for fun, I’m going to take each of these careers in turn and write a short narrative about each of them. This could be a fun exercise. Have a go.

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