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Hi there, I’ve been writing micro and short fiction since I was about 8 years old and I thought it was time to share a bit. I’m on the look out for feedback in order to improve my craft. I welcome any constructive criticism and I sincerely hope you enjoy the stories here. I feel that one of a writer’s worst enemies is writer’s block and sometimes we all need a prompt to get us going. So, regardless of whether or not I have a new story to share, I’ll be posting a new prompt at least three times a week. I hope that any writer that reads this blog finds these useful. Thanks,

Eliza Dashwood

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    1. Hey Kid.
      Tiff and I have been reading Ferret for a while and I thought I’d surprise ya with a posting. Real proud of ya Eliz. Looks like your doing good. Say “Hi” to Al for me, if I don’t talk to him first.


      1. Glen!

        What a lovely surprise. I’m glad you guys have been reading. Give my love to your girl and my wee man.

        Love, Ferret

  1. Hi, Eliza.

    I too am a writer and I think the best way to get feedback is to join a fiction meetup in your area.

    I have done so and am so glad I did.

    I write just about everything. My book of poems is available on amazon and I have a website.
    you can google me and find anything you wanted to know about me.

    Much success to you.

  2. Hi Eliza!

    Back in Swansea… what else to while away time in my cell … erm … hotel room, but just surf around a bit, and then I remembered your “experiment in reading” & took a look just now. Now feeling very “web 1.0” with my own efforts!!! 😮


  3. Hi Eliza,
    I’m new to WordPress and I came across your blog. It’s really great and I really enjoy your writing! It’s very fluid, filled with deep emotion.
    I like the prompts, too, and hope I can participate in them soon!
    I’m Skylar. I’m working on a dark novel about vampires. It’s slow, but steady and passionate!

    Good to meet you!

  4. Hi Skylar! Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it when people stop by and get something out of the site. Very best of luck on your novel. I’m a huge fan of vampire stories.
    Cheers, Eliza

  5. Hey Elisa,

    Really like the site.

    Started a wordpress blog recently also focusing on writing prompts and exercises at and I was wondering if you’d be alright with me linking to your site.

    Anyway, keep on writing in the free world and hope to hear from you soon. (I’ll either check back here or you can toss me an e-mail at

    – Mike

  6. Hey

    This is a really great idea for a website – writer’s block is one of the gnarlest things a writer can go through. There are so many reasons behind blockages that it’s nearly impossible to tackle them all, especially if you are alone. So looking for some help is a good step. I enjoyed reading the quotes, posts and archives. But sadly, none of them have managed to reinspire me to start typing again.

    I was a freelance journalist for 2 years. Deadlines were tough and briefs had to be met. Writer’s block wasn’t really an option back then. But now, away from it all, I find myself unwilling and unable to sit down at a keyboard and write properly – even though there’s loads of ideas floating around in my head. It’s a rubbish situation; maybe I’m just all out of copy.




    1. Hey Robo,

      Thanks for the visit and the comment. One to the reasons why I started the blog was to force myself to write regularly and think about writing. I’ve found it hard to press on sometimes, especially when life gets in the way, but ultimately I know that when I’m writing, I feel calm.

      It doesn’t have to be bloody Tolstoy, just the act of putting words on the page makes me want to write more. You’ll know, having been there yourself, that getting started is the hardest part, but if you love writing, it’ll come. Keep at it – write anything and don’t worry about it making sense.

      Cheers, Eliza

  7. I came across your blog by accident–but I’m definitely intrigued! I hope to take part in the writing prompt exercises from time to time.. 🙂

  8. Just come across your blog. I enjoyed every minute and look forward to reading your book and taking the writing prompt . Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Eliza, lovely to meet you last night! I found your blog 🙂 No kissing of my own elbow required.
    I couldn’t see a link to send you an email here so just posting on here – will take a proper look at your blog when I’m back at home soon.
    Take care, maybe our paths will cross again one day!

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