Writing Prompt: The Balloon

When I was little, one of my favourite treats when going to an amusement park with my parent s was to get a balloon. It made it hard to go on rides and of course. Mom or Dad would have to mind it for me while I enjoyed the carousel. Once I got it home, having kept it low in the car to avoid obstructing Dad’s rear view, I tied it to the end of my bed so that I could watch it sway in the breeze at night. I always went for blue, not the pink or red you’d expect a girl to gravitate towards. It was always a bit sad when the helium eventually leaked out and the balloon lost its ability to float around my room. Sometimes my brother and I would go out into the garden and release our balloons before they could die that way.

Try writing a story about a balloon. Have fun.

Writing Prompt: To sleep, perchance to dream

I can barely keep my eyes open. There are tears making their way from my eyes, across the bridge of my nose, eventually landing on my chin. I yawn, over and over and it makes my eyes water. The screen is a blur and the cat, asleep at my feet is giving me ideas.  I keep trying to recall a dream I had the other night and it frustrates me to know that I can try as hard as I wish, but I won’t have the dream again to see how the story will end. It ended with daybreak when the sun hit my face.

Just the same, I’m going to try to sleep now and when I wake, I plan to write the first thoughts that spring to mind.

Have a go at this, leave a notebook by the bed and write for five minutes about the first thing that enters your head, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense, just have fun.

Good night. 🙂

Writing Prompt: The Times Are A’Changin’

I woke up this morning completely unaware that the clocks had gone back and that I was in possession of another waking hour today. I’ve been ill for the past few days, shivering and sweating in my bed with my DVD player and laptop to keep me busy. I’ve been thinking all day about what to write. A few things occurred to me. It’s not just the hour that has changed, it’s also the season. Winter is here. My friend Samantha just gave birth to her new son a few hours ago after a long, frightening and difficult labour. She’s safe, they both are and I’m grateful that someone so dear to me is taking a step into another chapter into her life. They haven’t decided names yet, but I’m hoping that like her first child, Cassandra, he’ll be my new god-child.

I’m anxious for something new too. A new city, a new challenge, a new anything. (not kids, that’s what my friends are for 😉 )

I’ve been thinking about some of the people I admire and love the most. They all share something in common. They’re brave, they take chances, they are uncompromising in their desire for something that’s all their own. I guess that’s what I want for myself too. So, a few things to think about. If you had one hour to do anything, with no restrictions, limited to only your imagination, what would you do? If you could take a risk in your life, a real risk that could change everything, what would it be?

Be brave, write it down. You might surprise yourself and you might just decide to do something about it.

Writing Prompt: A Day in the Life

Each day is different. There are so many variables that determine what the day has in store for each of us. The weather can influence what we wear, what we do, where we go and who we meet. A small, unexpected turn of events can change your day, your mood, the outcome of plan. Even people who have the same routine, however mundane, never live the same day twice and it is the little variations in each that makes a day special for better or for worse.

Try a little experiment. When you wake up in the morning, check the time and write it down. I know it’s a pain, but set an alarm for one hour later. When the buzzer/ring/tick goes, stop what you’re doing and take a note of it. Do this throughout the day, mapping out each hour until you have 10 to chose from. Pick an event/activity/moment out of the 10 you’ve gathered. Draft 500/1000 words about why you were doing what you were doing in detail. What were the reasons and steps that lead you to that moment. You might find that your mind wanders to reasons that go beyond the obvious.

The other day I found myself taking a mental snapshot of the moment I was living and I traced back the events that brought me there. It’s funny, so much can rest on a word or a thought or a gesture that at the time you think couldn’t possibly matter. I sat talking, quite simply and happily with someone and thought, how fortunate that I turned left instead of right…

Have fun, be specific, don’t edit.


Writing Prompt: A Day in the Life

nice – just plain nice…

Drink wine, this is life eternal.
This, all that youth can give to you.
It is the season for wine, roses, and drunken friends.
Be happy for this moment,
This moment is your life.

Omar Khayyam

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