Writing Prompt: My top 5

As we're entering Spring, I think of the past four months and try to pick out significant moments I've had in that time. A lot has happened. I've made new friends, left one job, started a business, I realised who's on my side. The future is uncertain, but I sense there is a lot to... Continue Reading →

Birthday Girl

I feel loved. I went out to celebrate my birthday last night and had a great time catching up with old and new friends. Some people I had only met via Twitter (they knew mutual friends - no stalkers or anything). I was still out at 3am. I'm a bit hazy about the end of... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Perfect Day

A thin opening between my bedroom curtains let in a bright ray of sunlight that woke me. It was late. A session of chat and red wine with friends the night before left me tired and eager to sleep. The cat was curled up above my head, nestled on one of the pillows. We both... Continue Reading →

Pie – A Short Story

Pie   Fred opened his eyes and shaking off the leaves from his coat stretched his legs. The burrow was warm. Winter has given into spring and he could already hear his mother in the other chamber.       As he wandered through the burrow, he remembered happily that he agreed to meet his... Continue Reading →

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