Writing Prompt: The Daisy Chain

I've always been fascinated by how seemingly unrelated things can link together and form a chain of events that change people's lives. Heavy for a writing prompt, huh? Here's a "for instance"... I moved to a new town two years ago. I knew no one and so, I thought I'd start a book club to... Continue Reading →

Memoir: Mom and Grace

  It started at around 2am. I had already been asleep for several hours when she came into my room to wake me. Tugging gently at my warm wool blanket, she bounced lightly on the bed while I struggled to understand what she was saying. No matter how often it happened, I was always startled.... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: The Secret to Swimming

The chlorine stung my eyes. As soon as we walked into the indoor pool area, I was nervous. Mom lead me by the hand to the water's edge where other children had already gathered and were easing their way into the water. The swimming instructor was tall, lean with dark hair. He couldn't have ben... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: B is for Banishment

When I was young, at the age when every action and word of your peers has the weight and importance more damaging than the shifting of continents, I had a friend who passed me over. For the two years prior to my banishment, we had been inseparable. Although we were in different classes throughout the day,... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Music and Lyrics

Sometimes I listen to random music and it takes me back to specific moments in my life. I can still remember my first single. "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol. I was playing tether ball in the play ground at school when someone mentioned him and I went off to find out who he was and... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: The Sea

I lifted the phone from the receiver and dialled. I pulled the phone under the duvet with me to muffle the sound as I heard it ring at the other end. I listened for other sounds in the house and heard nothing. After a moment, I could hear my friend's voice. "Hello?" "Richard, it's me.... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Moonglow

"I've never liked full moons; it gives people an excuse to act foolish,"  - Maya Angelou As I walked up the path to the house, I glanced up and saw the whole wide moon staring down at me. A clear sky surrounded the moon and its magnificence lit the garden. I thought back to some of the... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Other People’s Stories

Stories are all around us. We tell each other about our weekend adventures in the coffee room at work, our parents and grandparents tell us about their lives, our friends swap stories every time we meet. There is treasure of life experiences we all share all around us. Anecdotes are a great source of inspiration.... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Sunlight

Sun on snow creates an interesting effect. Through the fluffy powder on the surface, you catch glimpses of bright blue ice, a thing to admire when you’re looking at it, something to avoid when you’re in skis. As the sun hits the snow and the wind picks up, you can see a thin layer of... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: The Room

When I wandered into the cafe, I felt like I had been transported back in time to my college days. There were odd posters and paintings from local artists on the walls. The furniture, mismatched and awkward suited the overall thrown-together feel of the place. It was an open planned room with a stage, random... Continue Reading →

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