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  • 100 Days of writing – Day 6
    Based on the date of my last post, I’m not doing very well. I blame chemo. The past two weeks have been brutal. The spirits are up, but I’ve felt tired and sick. Tings are better today, even after a dose of Gemcitibine yesterday. I’m looking forward the weekend. I’m have a socially distanced BBQ… Continue Reading →
  • 100 days of writing – Day 5
    As you can see, I’ve failed to blog every day. I missed about a week. I’m not offering any excuses, though I have a few. what I will say is that although I didn’t post anything here for a few days, I have been writing. Journals, Diary notes and scribbles on scraps of paper. I… Continue Reading →
  • 100 days of writing – day 4
    It’s a strange thing to be back in some diet-coke version of society after over a year with hardly any contact with others at all. I’m in an airbnb trying to be comfortable. There’s little for me to say at the moment. I’m just processing. Tomorrow is another day. Sorry for the light word count,… Continue Reading →

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